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Speedstream Events focuses on creating once in a lifetime experiences or special events within both the sporting and motoring worlds.


Our most recent work includes the South African Historic Grand Prix Festival - a unique 10 day, award nominated celebration of the Grands Prix which took place in South Africa between 1934 and 1939, taking in races and a parade at the site of the original GP circuit in East London and a five day tour for 25 pre-war cars from across the globe.

We are also responsible for creating the Grand Prix Through the Ages experience at the CarFest South event in Hampshire, where we carefully curate a display and demonstration of 30 Grand Prix cars built between the early 1900s and the current day.

We not only create our own events but work with other event organisers to deliver incredible experiences for participants in events all over the world. Our expertise extends to event creation, route planning, freight and event logistics and securing participants through our extensive network of car owners and collectors.

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