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The Classic Motoring E-xpo allows you to market your business in a way that none of the existing options can offer. Leaving behind limited audiences and expensive participation costs and instead, attracting a global audience, taking your message to a far broader audience but at a fraction of the cost of regular live events or advertising. And, you get to interact with that global audience in a modern and fresh way with live video, live chat and ecommerce. The online world, has a power the offline world cannot match!

The Classic Motoring E-xpo offers a virtual interactive exhibition hall and discussion areas, all in a compact 4 hour experience which will take place on a Saturday afternoon, once every quarter, starting this July.


Allowing you to showcase your company and what you have to offer – from engineering firms, classic car sales, parts and consumables suppliers, restorers and car preparation specialists to artists, photographers and clothing suppliers, our affordability means everyone can take part.

Customisable virtual show stands allow you to provide a captivating visitor experience, with built in live video meaning you can walk potential customers through your business and products.  


Live chat feature so you can talk to customers online during their visit, plus the ability to offer show specials, download brochures and product info, as well as a link to 26 different payment platforms should a visitor want to make a purchase whilst visiting your booth.

The second major feature of the E-xpo is the Car Conversations Corner. A live discussion facility allowing speakers to share car stories, give market updates or educate people on aspects of our industry. The platform allows you to run live or pre-loaded video to support your presentation, and the audience can be fully engaged through asking questions, voting and taking surveys.


For sponsors of the show there are live announcements, premium show stands, discussion opportunities, brand awareness and special offers.

But it is the data that really offers you true value. Every interaction is tracked building customer profiles, knowledge transfer, hot and cold leads, all collated into customised live reports, allowing you to track value and return on investment.


The Classic Motoring E-xpo is entrance is free of charge for visitors.

For further information please email us on or call +44 (01)1789 722643

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